In what way Indian democracy is different from western model? Important for Paper 1 .

In what way Indian democracy is different from western model?       Important for Paper 1 .

India,USA,CONGO,VENEZULA,Great Britain to Afghanistan what is common is that all these are democracies.Post de-colonisation,democratisation has become a  mode of social change globally.

India stands different among all theses in institutionalizing Abrahan Lincoln's ideal of "By the people, to the people and for the people"

                                         We are greatly a Gandhian Democracy in following sense.

Unlike in West where citizens are having definite inalienable Fundamental rights, Indian Constitution manifests ancient Indian ethos of ‘rina’,kartvavya , hence the concept of Fundamental  duties .Today this has manifested as Corporate Social Responsibilities, NGOs serving the needy,media highlighting apathy of marginalized.

2.Our cultural heterogeneity has survived the aggressive process of globalisaiton .This is through unique experiment of Secularism, where right to practice ,profess and propagate ones own religion is a Fundamental right while it can be reformed in the interest of public morality and order. Unlike in Western model, state can intervene in our religious practices enabling its reform. Banning of untouchability, sati, dowry, child marriage and opening of all temples to all genders.It is this unique experiment that enables India to have continuity of its ancient institutions and change as well.

3. There is a systhesis of spiritualism,traditionalism,materialism that is giving rise to a composite national culture.ex:thekarvachauth,rakhi,Durgapooja have become national culture today.This is unlike in  West where tradition is rejected for materialism.

4.Every ruler is an alien who reject the will of the ruled.—Gandhi.Hence the demand for change has been mostly coming from the people than being enforced unilaterally by the state.The demand to reform the derogatory practices of Triple talaq ,polygamy has come from section of women than imposed state.

It is this unique experiment that ISIS has not been able to make inroads into minds of Indian muslims ,who feel a sense of nationalism.

5.The government of Files to government everywhere is unique to a developing country like India. Like Ashoka spoke directly to his subjects today programs like Mann kibaath,Facebook,Twitter  and decentralization of information

5.While larger democracies take pride in urbanization, India celebrates rural culture, rururbanisation .all subsequent govenrments have rural reconstruction at their heart.

6 .No Military rule ,dictatorialrule unlike  Pakistan,Bangladesh, and shows all signs of being vibrant. This is because of participation of all citizens in national movement and efforts by subsequent government to decentralize powers.

7. The Idea of Universal Adult Franchise was institutionalized since Independence , despite majority of voters being illiterate,with full faith on voter.This was unlike western model universalizing only in phases.

The way forward.

Year 2017 marks centenary of Champaran Satyagraha.Whatever be it the level of Technological Development, our leaders should visit and asses the ground realities of farm suicides

Our kartavya of voting,payingtaxes,helpingaccindent victims should not be forgotten,our private corporation should invest in inclusive technologies to uplift their fellow being.

Ever and forever pursuit of knowledge,innovation which was part of Indian way of life should drive us as a democratenation .

THe legacy of our ancient Indian civilization and freedom movement should march and India be a model for world to celebrate its pluralism.



Publishes on : 23-Sep-2017 01:22 PM

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