bharat ias - PM to dedicate India’s longest road tunnel to the nation

PM to dedicate India’s longest road tunnel to the nation

PM to dedicate India’s longest road tunnel to the nation     ·       The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, will dedicate to the nation, India’s longest road tunnel – the 9 kilometre long “Chenani – Nashri Tunnel” – on April 2nd, 2017.  ·       The tunnel on NH-44 which connects Jammu with Srinagar, will reduce travel time between the two cities by upto two hours. ·       It achieves a distance-reduction of 31 kilometres, bypassing snow-bound upper reaches. ·       Besides avoiding large scale deforestation and tree-cutting, the tunnel will provide a safe, all-weather route to commuters travelling from Jammu and Udhampur, to Ramban, Banihal and Srinagar.  ·       The tunnel is equipped with world-class security systems, and is expected to boost tourism and economic activities in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.    Key Features of the tunnel

• It is a single-tube bi-directional tunnel, with a 9.35 metre carriageway, and a vertical clearance ofmetres. 

• There is also a parallel escape tunnel, with “Cross Passages” connecting to the main tunnel at intervalsof300metres. 

• It also has smart features such as an Integrated Traffic Control System; Surveillance, Ventilation and Broadcast Systems; Fire Fighting System; and SOS call-boxes at every 150 metres. 

• The project has been completed at a cost of over Rs. 2500 crore    ...

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bharat ias - Air Sewa’ Web Portal for Air Passengers

Air Sewa’ Web Portal for Air Passengers

Air Sewa’ Web Portal for Air Passengers  ·       The ‘Air Sewa’ Web Portal and a Mobile App has been launched by the Government for convenience of air passengers. ·       It provides an integrated common platform on which air passengers can lodge their grievances against all major stakeholders in aviation sector including airlines..  ·       All complaints related to air services including flight delays, baggage loss and unusually long periods for refund besides long queues at airports can be registered using Air Sewa Web Portal/Mobile App.   ·         The complaints can be registered under specific category/sub categories such as Ticketing, Fares & Refunds, Flight Delays, Baggage, Check-in & Boarding etc. or againstgeneralcategory"Others". 


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NAMAMI BRAHMAPUTRA- ·        It is the Biggest River Festival Of India ·        A festival to be organized across 21 districts in Assam from March 31-April 4, 2017 ·         Theme-“Brahmaputra is our culture, civilization, economy and lifeline. ·        Assam’s life and culture are deeply influenced by the rejuvenating splashes of Brahmaputra, India’s only male river and one of the most powerful rivers of the world. ·        To pay fitting tribute to the river’s life-giving prosperity and countless blessings, a five day long event, Namami Brahmaputra is being organized under the leadership of Chief Minister of Assam, across 21 districts along the Brahmaputra in its entire stretch from Sadiya to Dhubri. ·         It will serve as an ideal platform to showcase Assam’s tremendous potential as a state brimming with trade, tourism and culture opportunities. ·        The event shall take off in the form of a spectacular opening ceremony on March 31, 2017 at the riverfront of Bharalumukh, Guwahati- land of Kamakhya Temple, one of the most important and popular Shakti-peethas in India. ·         The event will include a soulful veneration of river Brahmaputra along with other attractions like indigenous sports, local food, exhibition of organic tea, display of handloom& handicrafts, cultural evenings, film festival, business meetings and symposium among others ·        This five day event, epic in scale and grand in reality, shall bring along business, fun and festivities for all. ·        Brahmaputra is not called ‘lifeline of Assam’ for nothing as this perennial river presents incredible business opportunities. ·        The National Waterways, especially NW 2 and NW16 shall be the drivers of economic development and prosperity. National Waterways 2 (NW-2) from Dhubri to Sadiya is a bridge to drive economic progress in Southeast Asian markets, as part of India’s ‘Act East Policy’. ·        These waterways will not only make Assam the centre of India-ASEAN collaboration but also attract major investments from around the world. ·        The river is also a source of current and potential hydroelectric power generation. It will certainly give a boost to power infrastructure in the state. ·        The rivers of the world are fast becoming hotspots for travelers, and the mighty Brahmaputra happens to be one of them. ·        A river cruise on Brahmaputra is an eclectic blend of luxury, comfort and nature’s never ending delights. ·         The extraordinary cruise experience on Brahmaputra can be further heightened by watching migratory birds, visiting temples, tribal villages, monasteries, touring breathtaking tea estates and more. Its tributaries like Manas, Jia Bharali and Kopili are ideal for white water rafting.   ·        All in all, Brahmaputra effortlessly brings together Assam’s trade, tourism and cultural aspects, interwoven into one event, that is, Namami Brahmaputra- the biggest river festival of India. Come, be a part of it and explore the soul of Assam....

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bharat ias - Infrastructure clouds connectivity

Infrastructure clouds connectivity

Infrastructure clouds connectivity  Context Study finds only 14% of regional airports identified for subsidised connectivity are equipped  What has happened? A study by Crisil Research has found that only about 60 out of the more than 414 identified un-served and underserved regional airports, under Regional Connectivity Scheme, have the necessary infrastructure to support flight operations In other words, only 14% of the airports and airstrips listed under the scheme are equipped to handle small aircraft, that is up to ATR 42  What is Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) Under RCS, the airlines will connect to small towns with flights of about 1 hour capped at Rs 2500 The centre will compensate for the losses by subsidising the airlines flying on regional routes so that they can charge Rs 2500 to passengers for one hour flight. This is also known as viability gap funding (VGF) The ratio between centre to state of this VGF will be 80:20  Major challenges to operator participation in RCS Concentration in metros: Though domestic passenger traffic in India has grown 10% a year in the five fiscal years ended 2016, to 85 million annually, it is concentrated in the 6 metro airports, which account for about 65% of the total domestic passenger traffic, leaving the rest to the remaining 73 airports Lack of infrastructure: Only up to 60 airports / airstrips including 12 underserved ones are infrastructure-ready. They have the required runway length of up to 1,600 metres that can handle an ATR 42 operation and the terminal buildings As of January 2017, 19 states had consented to the implementation of the scheme. Of these 11 — Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Puducherry, Uttarakhand and West Bengal — have signed memoranda of understanding. Together, these states have about 8 underserved and 173 unserved airports but only 23 of these have the requisite infrastructure    ...

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bharat ias - Do less, do it better

Do less, do it better

Do less, do it better  The Context New NITI Aayog recruitment rules should trigger a revamp of the Indian state’s human capital  About the New Rules The new recruitment rules of NITI Aayog are thoughtful Their hiring context is different from large frontline government organisations and tweaking leadership selection will be ineffective without tackling culture and performance management Rules create a level playing field for outsiders and insiders and confront issues like cost-to-government, promotion, equivalence, employment contract format, etc Most importantly, their five-year contract, extendable by two years, should become standard for all senior positions  Reboot of the human capital Reboot government human capital on these four fronts needed:  Fresher Selection: Fresher hiring for central government officers in the IAS, IPS, RBI, etc, is probably better than any private sector management trainee programme because of the high quality and quantity of applicants, the UPSC’s institutional integrity, starting compensation, process rigour, etc. Replicating this transparency, process and institutional ability to non-officer hiring and state government hiring could rapidly improve legitimacy, competence and trust  Leadership Selection: Leadership pipeline depending on a line (seniority) or a monopoly (only staffed by insiders) cannot be effective, So Leadership Selection needs thoughtful design: Pathways to top jobs for young insiders Lateral entry at scale Specialisation opportunities by tenure Training for insiders 25 per cent of all senior appointments through open advertisements and giving insiders a real shot at these jobs when they are 45 years old  Performance Management: Any organisation that does not punish its poor performers punishes its high performer Pending a revamp of appraisal systems, all central and state officer cadres should adopt the “colonel threshold” of the army under which, if you are not shortlisted from promotion, you retire at age 50  Culture The government is organised vertically but important horizontal problems like urbanisation and industrialisation seem unsolvable because of the lack of teamwork across departments  Conclusion Honest and competent civil servants — and there are many — must initiate human capital reform as their contribution to creating a high-performing Indian state that does fewer things but does them better India is on the move and if self-healing is delayed further, it will be imposed from the outside. Civil service reform is inevitable, unstoppable and overdue    ...

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