bharat ias - Triple talaq:

Triple talaq:

Triple talaq: Why in news: ·       Those who misuse triple talaq will face social boycott, says AIMPLB ·       "Misusing ‘triple talaq’ is a sin," Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board and convener of Babri Masjid Action Committee Zafaryab Jilani said.   ·       It, however, asserted its “full constitutional right” to implement Muslim personal law in the country. ·       Men who misuse triple talaq and use it arbitrarily without any valid reason will be subjected to social boycott, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has warned (AIMPLB) ·       “Whoever gives triple talaq without valid Shariat reasons will be boycotted by society ·       Releasing an eight-point code of conduct for divorce, the Board encouraged Muslim couples to try and resolve differences on their own, and if that fails, adopt the "reconciliation and arbitration" method though involvement of family elders, before settling for a divorce. If after the waiting period (iddat), reconciliation happens, the two can, through mutual consent, restore the relationship with a fresh marriage, says one of the guidelines. ·       there was a lot of “misconception” about Muslim personal law and norms for divorce due to “lack of correct of information.” Triple talaq unjust, says PM ·       Prime Minister address for an important statement on the triple talaq issue. ·       “When we speak of social justice, our Muslim sisters too should get justice. We are not questioning the validity of triple talaq to create conflict within the community but want to highlight the need for justice and to end shoshan [exploitation ·       The Centre has been at the forefront of the debate on the validity of triple talaq with the government’s affidavit in the Supreme Court stating that “gender equality and dignity of women are non-negotiable, overarching constitutional values and can brook no compromise.” About triple talaq: Historical Evolution of Talaq ·       Marriage is a contract among Muslims and there is a way to terminate it. That is called triple Talaq. If we look at the historical evolution of Talaq it was one of the earliest religious establishments which made provision for divorce. According to Islamic jurisprudence a Talaq has to be a two way process. Man can pronounce Talaq on women and vice versa women can also seek Talaq on a man. ·       During the time of Prophet Mohammed Talaq was given in a staggered manner. If living together has become impossible then there is a provision to seek dissolution of marriage not in a manner which goes against women. Provisions of Talaq ·       The divorce process among Muslims, the general impression is that the word Talaq should be pronounced thrice at a time which leads to termination of marriage. This practice has been accepted for a very long time. Under Islamic provisions the Talaq should take place over a period of 3 months and pronounced at different points of time. In between the gap it should be utilised for reconciliation. ·       The tradition of triple Talaq being pronounced at a time came to be accepted during the time of the second Caliph of Islam that is Under special circumstances he allowed pronouncement of triple Talaq at a time and accepted it as valid. ·       Over a period of time it became part of the institution of Muslims in different parts of the world including in India. Everyone forgot the provision of staggered Talaq and accepted the Talaq being pronounced at one time. Today many women organisations are questioning the Talaq being pronounced thrice at one time. Issues over Triple Talaq ·       The ideal Islamic position is that it should have a gap in each time the pronouncement of Talaq takes place. This will go in favour of women and their rights. Pronouncement of Talaq thrice at a same time goes against the basic principle of justice. It is this the woman are challenging. ·       The distinction between Talaq being pronounced at a time or being pronounced in gaps has to be brought to public knowledge. ·       There are many conditions under which women can also seek Talaq. They can seek in case of impotency, domestic violence etc. The frequency of women seeking Talaq is not that great. The resistance by All India Muslim Personal Law Board ·       They suspect that any tinkering with a new provision would eventually lead to more changes in the personal law. They think the personal law is necessarily a part of the sharia law. Whereas the personal law is not religiously evolved but historically evolved. ·       They think that if they are able to prevent it now they will be able to sustain the hold of patriarchy for a long time. ·       The Ulema section among Muslims is not able to accept social changes that have undergone. Lot of women are receiving modern education, become independent, seek employment, and seek justice and now beginning to read and interpret the scriptures on their own. Lot of women have started reading Quran and want to interpret the provisions made for inter personal relationships between man and women, property rights and other rights of women. It is this which makes them fearful and therefore to resist any such change. Changing situation ·       There is a virtual division within the society among Muslims and along the gender lines. If one was able to conduct a survey among Muslim women about accepting triple Talaq pronounced at a time, 99% of them would reject this provision. ·       Lot of Muslim men in social media and other platforms have openly come out against triple Talaq being pronounced at a time. They say this is anti-women, gender discriminating and it sustains patriarchy. Therefore the time has changed to take another view that the men are also on the side of women who are seeking justice. ·       There are many sects like Shia’s who do not practice triple Talaq and many within the Sunni community have come out openly against it. The debate on Uniform Civil Code ·       Many say that because of discriminatory practices the only solution is uniform civil code. The Indian society is not yet ready and no one knows what would be the blue print of uniform civil code. By bringing about changes in such practices we are empowering women especially Muslim women. ·       Given the kind of diversity that India consists of, talking about Uniform Civil Code deals with questions like marriage, property, inter personal relations etc. Every religious group will have its own call and therefore it is not the right time for UCC and there should be debates for building the consensus. Need of the Hour ·       Muslim personal law board and members of Muslim middle class intelligentsia should come to a platform and debate among themselves what is provided in the Quran, what has been the practice in the life time of prophet Mohammed. ·       There are lot of Islamic countries which have completely given upon this practice. ·       The problem is that the Muslims are in a minority situation, there is existential fear, fear about loss of identity and culture. The people who claim to represent Muslims also play in the fear factor. This should be handled sensitively especially by the government so that they do not continue to suffer from any existential crisis and fear for their identity. Once they have this confidence lot many Muslims will themselves seek changes as it is happening in the present context.    ...

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bharat ias - Vistadome Coach, Mechanised laundry under boot model

Vistadome Coach, Mechanised laundry under boot model

Vistadome Coach, Mechanised laundry under boot model   Why in news: ·        Railway Minister Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, today laid the foundation stone and dedicated various Railway Initiatives to the nation at Rail Sadan, Bhubaneswar through video conferencing.    ·        Shri Prabhu dedicated Visatadome Coach and Laid Foundation stone for Mechanized Laundry under BOOT Model at Visakhapatnam  ·         While flagging off the train with new Vistadome coach between Visakhaptnam and Araku, Shri Prabhu said that the Vistadome coach having features like glass roof, LED lights, rotable seats, GPS based info system etc will offer to tourists to enjoy scenic beauty not only at destination but also along the journey ·        He also said Mechanised Laundry under BOOT Model at Visakhapatnam will significantly improve the quality of linen leading to enhanced passenger satisfaction..      ...

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bharat ias - Aadhaar must for access to Survey of India (SoI) maps

Aadhaar must for access to Survey of India (SoI) maps

Aadhaar must for access to Survey of India (SoI) maps  Context It is to ensure that only Indians reach the portal  What has happened? The Survey of India, the country’s oldest scientific organisation and official maker of maps, has set up a web portal called Nakshe that allows 3,000 of its 7,000 maps to be downloaded for free One would require an Aadhaar number for such access  Why? Oganisations and people who want specific maps need to fill forms and sometimes visit the SoI Several times, Ministries themselves have to pay to get certain maps All Indians should be able to get these maps for free because the government has already paid to get them made  Backdrop 250th anniversary of the SoI’s founding  New model SoI is developing a Geoid model of the country This would make measurements of topography by satellite compatible with the traditional ground-based measures Survey of India (SoI) The Survey of India is India's central engineering agency in charge of mapping and surveying. Set up in 1767 to help consolidate the territories of the British East India Company, it is one of the oldest Engineering Departments of the Government of India. The Survey of India's distinguished history includes the handling of the mammoth Great Trigonometrical Survey under William Lambton and George Everest and the discovery of Mt. Everest.[3] Its members are from Survey of India Service cadre of Civil Services of India. It is headed by the Surveyor General of India.    ...

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bharat ias - My way on the highway

My way on the highway

 My way on the highway Context Supreme Court’s order banning liquor sale on highways is encroaching upon policymaking of the executive. The Supreme Court Order and Reasoning The Supreme Court’s order prohibited the sale of alcohol within 500 meters of national and State highways. The stated reason for the order is preventing road accidents due to drunken driving. Dispute between Judiciary and Executive Separation of powers between the executive, legislature, and judiciary puts policymaking under the executive. Another argument is: banning alcohol and micromanaging distance from the highways where alcohol cannot be sold is an example of policymaking. Supreme Court has thus indulged in “judicial overreach”. Defence of Judiciary The court has referred to a number of government policy documents that drew a correlation between alcohol consumption and road accidents. The issue is whether such liquor licences should be granted on national and state highways at the cost of endangering human lives and safety Supreme Court justifies its order under Article 21 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right to life and personal liberty. Article 21 Article 21 of the Indian Constitution says that, “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.” Article 21 is not merely a right against state action that deprives an individual of her life, but also against state inaction that results in loss of life. Conclusion The Supreme Court has failed to make a strong case for why its orders do not encroach upon executive’s domain of policymaking. There is thus a view that the court has overreached its power.    ...

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bharat ias - Friendship is a flowing river

Friendship is a flowing river

 Friendship is a flowing river Context Maintaining a good relationship between India and Bangladesh would be beneficial for the people of both the countries. Introduction The support and cooperation of India had accelerated the goal to earn the independence of Bangladesh. India played a leading role in the independence of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Liberation War and the role of India The Bangladesh Liberation War, also known as the Bangladesh War of Independence was a revolution and armed conflict started by the rise of Bengali nationalists and self-determination movement in East Pakistan and the 1971 Bangladesh genocide. It resulted in the independence of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Developments: The Pakistani military started a genocide launching armed attacks on the innocent Bangalees on March 1971. The Bangalee nation was subjected to oppression and subjugation, and deprived of its rights. The nation was close to lose its right to speak in its mother tongue. People of Bangladesh took arms and the liberation war began. India stood beside the oppressed community. India gave food and shelter to nearly 10 million refugees of Bangladesh. India extended full cooperation in the liberation war and played an important role in creating global opinion in favor of Bangladesh. The support of India helped Bangladesh to earn victory and Bangladesh was freed from enemy occupation. Areas of cooperation Both India and Bangladesh have a common stand on tackling terrorism. Similar  views on how organizations like South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) should be going forward Indian investment in Bangladesh Defense deals Potential of Bangladesh Bangladesh is moving ahead rapidly. There is 7.1% GDP growth currently. Inflation is contained within 5.28%. Poverty rate is reduced to 22%. On the socio-economic front, Bangladesh is standing better than many other South Asian nations. Way Forward Poverty and malnutrition are the main enemies of both India and Bangladesh. Eradication of poverty needs to be the priority for both the nations. Regional cooperation and improved connectivity is the key. Issues to resolve: Teesta issue.    ...

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